Material Innovation

Practiced standards are often wasteful,  and ethically debatable. Floreia changes the fashion landscape from start to end. A Floreia creation is eco-friendly, ethically-produced, with the careful creative restraint meant for fine art and high-fashion. We call our aesthetic “eco-lux.” Our raw materials are sourced straight from the community, following the Green Furnishing Code that only allows sourcing within a 50-kilometer  radius from the production area, and made from one of the “world’s most innovative and eco-sustainable materials”, each piece allows you to wear a thing of beauty with pride, without guilt.

Archived in Material ConneXion as one of the World’s Most Sustainable Materials. This patented reengineered recycled paper composite lets your imagination run free with possibilities. From big to small home decor, novelty items to accessories, this flexible paper-based composite is the practical alternative to traditional finite materials like stone and metal. NUCAST® can mimic most natural textures, but it is 100 times more light-weight, durable and recyclable.

Fashion accessories need to be done with due diligence as fashion is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world, both in terms of natural resources and human resources as the company grows, new sustainable and eco-friendly materials are made to provide opportunities for nearby communities while making sustainable and fashionable products. Named “among the world’s most innovative and eco-sustainable materials” by Material ConneXion. This New York-based consultancy firm sources environmentally-friendly and ethically produced materials for manufacturers. A piece goes through a patented process: First, the raw materials are sourced from the communities. These materials are then combined with odorless, water-based binders and then painted. No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are used.

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We work with our clients on creating better products and experiences by leveraging new materials and manufactering innovations.


Introduces a new way of living: with nature, inspired by nature. Promoting the harmony between nature and everyday objects, its pieces seek to spark positivity and imagination because ultimately, nature is the greatest source of inspiration. At Nature’s Legacy, it goes without saying that our respect for nature is at the root of everything we do.



With its deep understanding in materials and the creative process, Altum created products that tell beautiful stories through collaboration.


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