With our mission called “The Circle of Life”, we strive to make sure that all our

material innovations go through this process. Applying an inclusive business model,
each piece, each process has a story to tell.

Floreia® is a Philippine-based accessories label with a heart for sustainable fashion.

Established in 2013, Floreia®’s genesis came from our commitment to ease the fashion industry’s tendency to misuse Mother Nature’s vital resources. The “buy now, throw away tomorrow” mindset was what led our Creative Director,  Gemologist and Fine Art Jeweler,  Katrina Delantar,  to find humane and eco-friendly solutions. She asked,  “What if we can still enjoy fashion trends without the guilt of waste?” Thus,  Floreia was born.

We combine our patented material innovations with the best Filipino craftsmanship to minimize fast fashion’s impact to our home planet. Our ethical sourcing measures prolong the life of waste turned abundant resources by turning them into high-value heirlooms of beauty.

Every piece we create is done by our mother artisans from the mountainous communities in Cebu because of geographical inaccessibility, our stay-at-home moms don’t have many opportunities for work. Floreia steps in by providing them with steady income so they can take care of their households while earning a dignified living. Every piece then is packed with the artisan’s individual story. Every story is unique and worth telling. Just like you.


At Floreia, we believe that what comes from nature should return to nature. We consciously create beautiful and on-trend pieces for your everyday look without causing harm to our mother planet and the rest of humanity. We call this “Circle of Life,” our design philosophy and social mission that is anchored on each creation starting and ending with goodness in mind.

Fast fashion has influenced us as consumers to buy in a rush without consciously thinking on how it affects the Earth. Floreia uses innovative technologies made out of patented and award winning sustainable materials to help minimize the impact on the fashion industry and the Earth. Beginning with materials sourcing, to engaging and rewarding livelihood opportunities, to eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing process, to earth-loving accessories that epitomize the raw beauty of Mother Nature.

Every purchase of these items help educate underprivileged young individuals in Cebu, Philippines and provide livelihood for local communities. Floreia® works with organizations that provide under-resourced individuals with professional skills development and help attain an education.

Majority of production are by hand, very minimal use of ground water. Products are then dried using natural air and heat from the sun.
Sourcing of agro-forest debris and recycled paper

Floreia®’s paper-light statement accessories, crafted to mimic the feel of natural stone, petals, capiz shells and hardened lava is made from Naturescast® and Nucast®, two patented material innovations that are derived from agro-forest debris and upcycled paper composite which require no cutting of trees.

Processed through sustainable practices

All of our pieces are made by hand with very minimal carbon footprint. Our factory where the raw materials are made adhere to green infrastructure policies such as the use of LED Lights and production areas that make use of natural ventilation. Our Materials Recovery Program also recycles and reuses our bulk packaging.

Sustainable fashion accessories from ethical labor

Our inclusive business model ensures that work is given to underprivileged artisans in hard-to-reach communities. All our mother artisans are well-compensated with a working model that allows them to care for their children and household at the same time and are trained with professional skills that help in formal education.


To ensure that we leave very minimum carbon footprint, all our design components down to our enclosures and connectors are biodegradable. We also use proprietary organic, water-based binders that don’t leave any trace in the environment and don’t cause harm to our mother artisans.


The works of our hands, and yours.

Every product that you buy is designed to support our artisans, ensuring they are justly compensated for the work that comes straight from their loving hands, to yours. We encourage our empowered ambassadors to take part in sustaining their holistic work and lifestyle where they are provided with just wages, the right work environment, health and wellness programs, and spiritual and social support, by purchasing a piece of #floreialove.

This way, we’re all doing our share in creating an ethical and eco-friendly economy.


Health and Wellness

          Morning Input and Exercises

Family Park and Housing provided within 15 minute walk from factory

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