It all started on a sunny day during the company’s facility cleanup, being isolated by forests, we had heaps and stacks of agro-forest debristhat were collected. In the Philippines, the abundance of this resource is taken for granted and is usually taken as an easy access to use as firewood. By rescuing these debris, prolonging the life of the material adds more depth to Mother Nature and also provides opportunities to our artisans. 
The fastest way of getting rid of this "waste" was to burn them. But saner heads prevailed, maybe we can make something out of this untapped and abundant resource.
Floreia® was born…
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Circle of Life

With our mission called “The Circle of Life”, we strive to make sure that all our material innovations go through this process. Applying an inclusive business model, each piece, each process has a story to tell. Beginning with materials sourcing, to engaging and rewarding livelihood opportunities, to eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing process, to earth-loving accessories that epitomize the raw beauty of Mother Nature.

Every purchase of these items help educate underprivileged young individuals in Cebu, Philippines and provide livelihood for local communities.  Floreia® works with organizations that provide under-resourced individuals with professional skills development and help attain an education.

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The fashion industry is moving to a fast pace where trends and designs change faster than ever. With this alarming fact, faster disposability of items have been a result from the industry. 

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To provide new and sustainable materials that industry can use, will give an eco-friendly alternative that will benefit the Earth and the generations to come.